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shadowbox fence provides privacy without completely secluding your Property. Building this particular type of fencing can be quite tricky and should be left up to your Little Rock shadowbox Norcross fence professionals. There are four important steps to assembling this fence.

  • First, you need to outline where your fence will go. Mark each post at your desired distance from each other. Eight feet is a typical distance. Dig holes roughly twenty to twenty-four inches deep and about eight inches wide. Insert the post and fill with either cement or gravel making sure the post is centered and cut the post to the desired height.
  • Attach two by fours between the posts, use one on the bottom about six inches from the ground, one in the middle, and one about six inches from the top of your posts. The two by four should be oriented horizontally so that it is flush on both sides.
  • Attach fence pickets to one side of the fence fastening to the two by fours. Between each picket leave a space equal to half the width of the fence pickets. for a six-inch picket leave a three-inch gap.
  • Simply repeat on the other side, this time alternating with the first side so that the second side’s pickets cover the first side’s spaces and vice versa.

That is how to build the perfect shadowbox fence to accent all the best parts of your property while you still enjoy all the beautiful surroundings around you.

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