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A wood privacy fence can do wonders for your home. Whether you’re looking for added security around your property or you’re interested in reducing noise from busy streets nearby, a wood privacy fence can create a functional and decorative touch to any home. If you’re thinking about installing a wood privacy fence around your Norcross home, contact the fencing experts at Duluth Fencing Company today. We’ve helped hundreds of people and commercial businesses successfully install fences around their property, and our fence specialists would be more than happy to build the fence of your dreams.

Wood Privacy Fence Installation in Duluth


Finding a reliable and affordable fencing contractor can be difficult, especially if you’ve never had a fence installed around your property before. We’ve been installing fences in northwest Norcross for years, and we have the skills and expertise needed to install your fence in a quick and efficient manner. As a leader in fence installation, our craftsman team are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers. Whether you’re interested in a partial or full wood fence installation, our experts can help. 

Cedar Privacy Fence Installation


Cedar is the top of the line in wood fencing.  Cedar has less tendency to warp and shrink, and weathers extremely well, when compared to treated pine.  Cedar is initially more costly than treated pine, but it will maintain its appearance longer, and requires less overall maintenance.  Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay.  A standard Cedar Privacy Fence is built with cedar pickets and treated pine posts and runners.  Cedar posts and runners available by request. Posts are set on average 8’ apart.

Pre-Stain Cedar

Save time and money by having Dunwoody Fencing Company install pre-stained fencing.  You can choose to have all components (pickets, runners, and posts) pre-stained, or just the pickets.  Available for cedar only.

Treated Pine Privacy Fence

A standard Treated Pine Privacy Fence is built with treated pine pickets, posts, and runners. By nature, treated pine will have splits and cracks in it. Treated pine does not have loose knots or knot holes. Treated pine is more prone to shrink and warp than cedar.  Once the lumber is treated and begins to dry out, it can twist and warp.  Over time, the spacing between pickets may increase up to ½”.  Wood shrinkage and warpage is unpredictable and variable.  Posts are set on average 8’ apart.

Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal fencing is gaining popularity in the Norcross area.  These fences are built with cedar pickets and treated pine posts.  Not available with treated pine pickets.  Horizontal fencing is built with 5 ½” pickets, 3 ½” pickets, or alternating between 3 ½” and 5 ½” pickets.  Front and top are seamed with 1” x 4” cedar boards.  Posts are typically set 6’ apart.  All styles have a standard 1” spacing between picket, but are available with no spacing by request.  The height of the fence can range from 70” – 74” (approximately 6’) depending on the spacing requested.  Horizontal fences will stair step and cannot follow the flow of the ground.

Horizontal Fencing



Standard grading is straight on the top.  Dips in the grading of the ground may leave gaps at the bottom of the fence.  We can follow the grade of the ground (not straight at the top) upon request.

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